APCO 2017 highlights with West and IBM

August 20, 2017
Jon Harmer

This past week, John Snapp of West and Jon Harmer of LaaSer gave a presentation titled Better, Stronger, Faster – More Accurate 9-1-1- Location Using Handset Data (link available soon) at APCO’s 83rd annual conference & expo. Mobile devices are equipped with sensors that can provide a ton of useful location information – GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC/RFID, compass, accelerometer, barometer, and more. Unfortunately, most of that information is historically inaccessible to the existing 9-1-1 infrastructure. Fortunately, technologies that bridge the gap are rapidly evolving to help PSAPs locate callers with greater accuracy, much more quickly. In the session, we went into greater detail on these rich data sources and how PSAPs can access them to save lives, featuring demos of both LaaSer’s technology and Google ELS (Emergency Location Services), which is Google’s implementation of AML (Advanced Mobile Location.)





Additionally, we were featured in the IBM booth in the Expo Hall.  LaaSer and IBM together are going after the global market with Mobile Locator, which combines the best of LaaSer’s location determination technology with IBM’s Watson platform as well as their massive global cloud infrastructure. We’re excited to be taking this technology to market with a partner like IBM.