LaaSer to speak to Oregon PSAPs

December 6, 2017
Jon Harmer

LaaSer’s Chief Marketing Officer Jon Harmer spoke to representatives from PSAPs across Oregon today at the Oregon Office of Emergency Management’s PSAP Quarterly Meeting. Jon’s presentation was an overview of device based location determination methods and highlighted the benefits that a system that is embedded in the carrier network provides.

At the moment the caller dials 911, our patented solution uses the existing telemetry available to the phone (GPS, WiFi, barometric pressure, NFC, Bluetooth, beacon technology, and more, including technologies yet to come, on either smartphones or feature/flip phones) to determine the most accurate dispatchable location and then routes a call to the appropriate PSAP, providing that accurate location data (X/Y/U/C and address) through existing carrier network systems such that it pops up immediately on the screens of PSAP personnel. If additional location information becomes available—phone in motion, even better location resolution, etc.—the new location information can be rebid. There is no additional hardware or software required within the PSAP or the carrier network to receive this core location information. Solutions like this minimize risk, lower architectural complexity, are designed to be highly reliable, and are built for compliance.

An added benefit that is often overlooked is in-network cell sector validation, which means that the device provided location information can be checked against the cell sector that picked up the call to help prevent location spoofing on the device (which can also be used for SWAT-ing).

We look forward to speaking at more meetings like this going forward as we begin spreading awareness to PSAPs around the country.